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L. W. Leach, II
General Class FCC Amateur License Holder
APRS Information:

how to reach me on-air: 146.41MHz PL 167.9Hz Upper Marlboro, MD, or via KB3VWG-R on EchoLink

Looking for like-minded Amateurs to create a National Amateur High Speed Wireless Radio Society, CQ CQ

  1. EchoLink Voice over IP Node 631888 - 146.440 MHz FM - KB3VWG-L Upper Marlboro, MD (RF access only)
  2. EchoLink Conference Server Node 637511 - KB3VWG-R
  3. EchoLink Proxy
  4. HSMM Radio (
  5. AMPR Gateway (
    - DNS Service:
    - Network Time Protocol (NTP) Service:
    - Speedtest:
    - What Is My IP:
  6. International Space Station APRS iGate 145.825 MHz ( Part-Time and Upon Request
  7. APRS Base Station/iGate ( Full-Time

For those interested in getting their ticket, I suggest the following websites: Code of Federal Regulations Title 47 - Telecommunication - Chapter I - FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION - Subchapter D - SAFETY AND SPECIAL RADIO SERVICES - Part 97 - AMATEUR RADIO SERVICE (FCC Part 97) - FCC Part 97 on the GPO Website - Single page - FCC Part 97 on the GPO Website - Multi page - Part 97 in PDF Format Technician Class Study Materials Official Question Pool: Study Guide:'s/Technician-rev1-7.pdf Study Guide: HamCram Presentation (PowerPoint Format): KE0OG Youtube Videos: General Class Study Material KE0OG Youtube Videos: Extra Class Study Material KE0OG Youtube Videos: This is an article referring to the Amateur Extra License in particular; but it explains how one can study for the test: Youtube Course by KE4GKP for Technician, General and Morse Code (NOTE: Technician and General Courses are Out-of-Date): US Amateur Radio Band Chart Color PDF: Black and White PDF: Grayscale PDF: Color JPG: Text: Technician Chart - Color PDF: Ohm's Law Chart: Practice Exams Copasetic Flows: Ham Test Prep for Android: HamTestOnline: HamTestOnline - online courses for the ham radio exams Classes Class Search (Nationwide): Exam Sessions Exam Search (Nationwide): Laurel VEC Exam Schedule: Anne Arundel Amateur Radio Club: Links International Radio Regulations ITU: FCC Amateur Radio Service Homepage: FCC Universal Licensing System (ULS): United States RACES: Prince George's County, MD ARES/RACES: AE7Q's Amateur Radio Database Query tools: AH0A Amateur Radio Statistics: The Mid-Atlantic Repeater Council (Frequency Coordinator): WebSDR Project (Software-Defined Radios connected to the Internet): Repeaters: Amateur Radio Social Networking

DBJ-2 2m/70cm J-Pole roll-up antenna:
Copper J-Pole Antennas:

HF Choke Balun

100-Ft. 300-Ohm Flat Twin-Lead Cable
Model:15-1175 | Catalog #: 15-1175

Magnet-mount mobile scanner antenna
Model:20-032 | Catalog #: 20-032

Outdoor VHF-Hi/UHF Scanner Antenna
Model:20-176 | Catalog #: 20-176


APRS Messenger Android (currently, the developer is not distributing the app)
The ARRL Repeater Directory (Android)
EchoLink (Amateur VoIP for PC and Android)
Fldigi (digital modem program for PC)
Ham Test Prep (Android)
Morse Code Reader (Android)
Morse Code Trainer (Android)
Spectran V2 Digital Signal Processor
Trusted QSL (digitally sign QSO requests)
QRZDroid (callsign databese lookup)
Xastir (APRS™ for PC)